Trichologist told about the timing of hair loss after COVID-19

Trichologist Gallyamova: hair restoration after COVID-19 lasts at least 6 months about how long hair falls out after suffering COVID-19.

“Hair restoration takes a long time – at least six months, but active hair loss occurs within one to two months,” the doctor said. p>

Gallyamova noted that there is no prevention of hair loss in the case of postcoid syndrome. “This is reactive hair loss that occurs either in response to inflammation, or to medications, or to high fever. Of course, there is no prevention, it depends on the reactivity of your body, and, in particular, on the reactivity of the hair follicle. ” and not save on your health, but consult a doctor. “Firstly, people do not understand what is offered in pharmacies, and secondly, these are cosmetic products, not medicinal ones, respectively, their effectiveness is much lower, and, in principle, you will spend more money than on treatment, running from one remedy to another, “she summed up.

Earlier, Nikolai Potekaev, the chief freelance specialist in dermatovenerology and cosmetology of the Russian Ministry of Health, said that postloid baldness occurs in 40 percent of COVID-19 patients.