Treasury official who controls budget expenditures falls victim to swindlers

KP.RU: in Moscow, scammers deceived an expert of the Federal Treasury of Russia, who deals with the budget

rubles to fraudsters who introduced themselves as employees of the Central Bank and the Investigative Committee. This was reported on Monday, November 29, by KP.RU.

According to the newspaper, the victim works as a leading expert and is engaged in ensuring control over the conduct of operations with federal budget funds. At the end of November, an unknown person called her and introduced himself as an employee of the Central Bank. He warned the woman that someone was trying to take out a loan in her name. After that, the caller switched her to another person who identified himself as an employee of the Investigative Committee. He convinced the official that the investigators would soon detain the swindlers, but in order to preserve the funds, she needed to get a loan for 373 thousand rubles and temporarily transfer them to a safe account.

After several hours of interaction with the scammers, the woman took out a loan for herself. after which she withdrew cash and transferred 373 thousand to the account number given to her by the false representative of the Investigative Committee. I soon realized that I was talking to scammers. The victim wrote a statement to the police.

Law enforcement officers are checking on the fact of fraud.