The expert of the reality show “Boys” revealed the behind-the-scenes of the project

Expert of the show “Boys” Tatyana Polyakova: the participants are doing a great job on themselves Tatiana Polyakova, an expert in matters of etiquette, revealed the program behind the scenes on the Friday TV channel. In an interview with Laura Jugelia for the YouTube channel Fametime TV, she said that during the filming of the reality show, the participants do a lot of work on themselves.

“Filming in such a project is 16 weeks of tremendous tension, titanic work on themselves , these are tasks, these are several tasks per day. You do not have privacy (privacy – approx. “” ), you are always with someone in the room, and it is very difficult, “- said the expert about the filming of the project” Boys “.

“You see only part of what can be shown, part of what can be installed, because there is a lot of everything happening and, probably, this is a way to show that life is very multifaceted, and you need to test yourself in a lot: to fight your phobias, to work on your phobias, ”Polyakova shared. “There are stories that are hard to believe, I don’t want to discuss whether this is a production or not, because believe me, I have something to do in my life,” she replied when asked if a reality show is a production.

< p> “It is very difficult to bare your soul, cry, wait for a call from parents who are even too lazy to talk, or they do not want to hear the girls' revelations about who their parents are and how difficult it was for them. There is no forgiveness here, “Polyakova sympathized with the participants of the project.

Earlier it became known that the participants in the reality show” Boys “destroyed the Bykovo estate in the Moscow region – an object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia of federal significance. The channel representatives had to apologize for the actions of the drunk heroines of the program.