The doctor warned of the danger of baldness after suffering COVID-19

Dermatovenerologist Potekaev: 40 percent of COVID-19 patients experience baldness Nikolai Potekaev, the chief freelance specialist in dermatovenerology and cosmetology of the Russian Ministry of Health, spoke about this in an interview with Izvestia.

According to him, hair loss is one of the most common complications after illness. The doctor said that, on average, it occurs seven to eight weeks after recovery. He explained that this could be due to both high fever during illness and the negative effect of anti-cytokine drugs or problems with blood vessels that nourish the hair.

In addition, the dermatovenerologist explained that for postcoid alopecia, use the same treatments as for normal hair loss. So, he said that there are drugs that improve the nutrition of the hair follicle due to local vasodilation, as well as containing follicle growth factors. Plasma therapy using the patient's own blood is also a popular method, the doctor added.

Earlier, a hematologist of the highest category, Diana Kim, called a symptom of postcoid syndrome that is dangerous even for young Russians. She said that among the dangerous consequences of COVID-19, doctors call a blood clotting disorder. Such a complication, she said, can lead to thrombosis or stroke even months after the coronavirus. Even young people who have been ill in a mild form are not insured from an increase in blood density after COVID-19, the doctor warned.