Russians eat less

Food safety expert of RANEPA: consumption of food has decreased in Russia

Food consumption has decreased in the country. Anatoly Tikhonov, head of the Center for International Agribusiness and Food Security of the Higher School of Corporate Governance (GSKU), RANEPA, told that Russians are eating less.

He noted that the decline in incomes of the population began in 2014, a pandemic everything aggravated, so the question of economic accessibility arose. “Fewer and fewer citizens allow themselves some kind of excesses. In some families, the share of spending on food reaches over 50 percent, which is very high, in the country as a whole, within 30 percent, “Tikhonov said.

Valery Mironov, Deputy Director of the Center for Development Institute, National Research University Higher School of Economics, believes that that the authorities should help the “poorest” with food. He added that it is profitable for Russian manufacturers to send a lot abroad. In addition, the problem is created by rush demand, when Russians begin to stock up on food, the expert emphasized.

The rise in food prices all over the world turned out to be about the same, but in Russia it became especially painful, because, unlike other European countries where citizens spend 8, 10, 20 percent of their income on food, Russians use about 56 percent for it, said earlier Alexey Korenev, an economist and analyst at FG Finam.



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