Refugees on the border of Belarus and Poland infected with coronavirus

Governor of Grodno region: two refugees on the border with Poland have contracted the coronavirus This was announced by the governor of the Grodno region Vladimir Karanik on the air of the ONT TV channel, RIA Novosti reports.

According to him, two cases of COVID-19 infection were identified among refugees in the transport and logistics center at the Bruzgi checkpoint on border of two countries. The governor said that one case of infection is clinically significant, the migrant is undergoing inpatient treatment. In addition, one case of asymptomatic disease was detected. “We do not see any outbreak or spread of the disease,” he said.

The Governor also stressed that a stationary vaccination point was opened in the transport and logistics center. However, it is not popular, as many migrants received a full course of vaccinations before starting their journey to Europe, knowing about the severe covid restrictions in European countries, added Karanik.

Earlier it was reported that migrants, the majority of which the men are from Iraq and Afghanistan, revolted in a guarded center for foreigners. According to Polish media reports, hundreds of illegal immigrants in Wenjin came to the site in front of the center building, began to damage equipment and break glass. At the same time, they shouted that the purpose of their arrival in Europe is Germany.



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