Pushkov warned Russia against becoming a “branch of new values”

Senator Pushkov: Russia cannot turn into a “branch of new values” with a changed culture

culture changed for the sake of political correctness, as well as lectures on non-existent gender fluidity. Aleksey Pushkov, a member of the Federation Council, warned against this in Telegram.

According to him, Russian historical culture and generally accepted basic values ​​are one of the last bastions before the endless onslaught of Americanization. So a member of the Federation Council commented on the situation in which the leading ballet companies in Europe took up arms against the classic version of The Nutcracker. Now they see it as racism and sexism.

Earlier, Pushkov appreciated the cancellation of the show of the classic program “The Nutcracker” at the State Ballet of Berlin. According to him, he was removed from the New Year's repertoire because of “politically incorrect dances.”

At the same time, the senator noted that the Berlin theater had failed to work in terms of censorship. The theater should be closed, since the entire world ballet “is built on the dances of men and women, that is, it claims to have only two sexes,” added a member of the Federation Council.