Political scientist spoke about Lukashenka's actions in case of war in Donbass

Political scientist Bolkunets called Lukashenko a beneficiary of the war in Donbass In a conversation with Lenta.ru, he said that, according to some information, Minsk supplies fuel, spare parts and weapon systems to both sides of the conflict, preventing the confrontation from ending.

Lukashenko said that in the event of a war in Donbass Belarus will not stand aside, and hinted that with such an outcome, the state would side with Russia. Bolkunets is sure that the first thing the head of Belarus will do in this case is to flee the country.

The self-proclaimed Russian president is going to war

“I would like to note that Lukashenka held a meeting with servicemen in military uniform. At the same time, in his speech, he several times spoke from the position of the president of Russia, trying on the role of the commander-in-chief of the country's armed forces. However, for him this is not something strange – he had already made a reservation earlier, calling himself the Russian president, – the political scientist recalled. – As for Donbass, it has already repeatedly spoken about this situation. At the same time, several hundred citizens of the country who participated in hostilities in this territory are sitting in Belarusian prisons. But there is no question of any amnesty or any humanity in their attitude. ”

According to Bolkunets, Minsk is actively engaged in the supply of fuel for refueling tanks to both sides of the conflict. According to some reports, Lukashenka also sells military systems for warfare, weapons systems, spare parts to keep the war smoldering and the conflict doesn’t end.

“Lukashenka is one of the beneficiaries of the war in Donbass. He makes money on it. This is generally his favorite story – making money on the tragedy of people. The same is happening now with migrants, when corpses are thrown across the border, and the president earns political points from this. So all the talk about which side to fight on is, by and large, empty. As soon as the turmoil begins, Lukashenka will hide in a bunker or fly out of the country. He will not fight, he will hide, ”concluded Bolkunets,

Earlier, Lukashenka spoke about the bodies of migrants“ thrown ”into the Belarusian territory. In his opinion, the dead refugees are being thrown across the border by the Lithuanian security forces.



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