Poklonskaya in a nightie took a tour of her house

Poklonskaya in a nightgown showed the interiors of her house in Crimea the interior of your home. She posted the corresponding video on her Instagram.

The video shows how she lies on the bed in her nightie, then goes to the bathroom, and then brews and drinks coffee. She also showed a view of the Crimean landscape from the balcony of her house. In addition, Poklonskaya showed the public her cat.

Previously, Poklonskaya starred for the December issue of the glossy magazine Tatler. In the photo posted on the website of the newspaper, the politician is sitting in an armchair against the background of the Kremlin.

At the end of October, Poklonskaya for the first time posted on Instagram her photo in a diplomatic uniform and a white blouse, buttoned up to all buttons.

< p> On October 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Poklonskaya as Ambassador to the African Republic of Cape Verde. Commenting on the new position, she said that she had long dreamed of trying herself in diplomacy.



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