Omicron cryptocurrency skyrockets due to new coronavirus strain

Omicron token has risen in price by 960 percent due to a new strain of coronavirus

The price of the Omicron (OMIC) token has soared almost 10 times How the World Health Organization (WHO) assigned the name omicron to the new strain of coronavirus B.1.1.529 on November 26, according to Coingecko data.

Omicron is released on the Arbitrum level 2 protocol and is traded on the SushiSwap exchange. On November 26, the cryptocurrency was worth approximately $ 65 per coin. On November 29, it rose 960 percent to $ 689.12 and reached an all-time high. At 11:30 Moscow time, Omicron was selling for $ 592.06. Experts warn that such a rapid growth could be a sign of an economic bubble.

The rate of the most popular cryptocurrency – bitcoin – rose 5.42 percent on Monday to $ 57,347 per coin. At its peak, the price climbed to $ 58,228.5.



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