Omich received a sentence for bribing an FSB officer in favor of a casino

A Russian bribed an FSB officer for the safety of a casino and sat down for 5.5 years strict regime for giving a bribe to an FSB officer – the Russian believed that for money the security officer would not only warn of a possible police raid on an illegal casino, but even protect the gaming equipment from seizure or be able to return it. On Monday, November 29, the Prosecutor's Office of the Omsk Region reported to

In February 2021, a 37-year-old man handed over 300 thousand rubles to an FSB officer and announced his conditions for “protecting” the gambling business … But after the transfer of the bribe-giver, he was detained red-handed. At first, he was tried for bribing on a large scale, and he faced seven to 12 years in prison. However, later the case was reclassified as “large-scale mediation in bribery” – the man allegedly mediated in favor of “unidentified persons” who owned an illegal business. Under such an article, the term of imprisonment is from five to ten years.

As a result, the intermediary received five and a half years of strict regime and a fine of 900 thousand rubles. The money that was transferred as a bribe was confiscated in favor of the state. This is the second term for a man – in 2009 he was sentenced to six years and ten months in prison for drug trafficking.