Obstacle to increasing incomes of Russians named

RBC: Incomes of Russians in the unincorporated sector fell by almost 20% with the pre-pandemic year 2019. RBC writes about this with reference to the monitoring of the Higher School of Economics.

This unincorporated segment accounts for at least 30 percent of all working Russians. “Consequently, it is the drop in labor income in the unincorporated segment that pulls down the real money income of the population,” analysts said. At the same time, it is noted that, in general, incomes nevertheless began to increase thanks to an increase in salaries and social benefits.

Earlier it became known that about 54 percent of Russians rated their financial situation as average, as good – 19 percent, and as bad – 25 percent. At the same time, 23 percent of respondents expect an improvement in their financial situation in the coming year, another 18 percent believe that it will worsen. About 63 percent of the respondents believe that their income has practically not changed over the past two or three months. Deterioration was noted by 29 percent, and improvement – by 7 percent.

On November 19, economist, analyst of FG “Finam” Alexey Korenev in a conversation with “Lenta.ru” pointed out that the country is significantly lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of labor productivity … As a result, the real incomes of Russians have been falling steadily since 2014.



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