Men have ceased to be ashamed of walking with women's bags

WWD: men began to abandon wallets and backpacks in favor of traditionally women's bags bags of various models. WWD journalists came to this conclusion.

Purchasing manager of the London boutique Machine-A Stavros Karelis (Stavros Karelis) connects the mentioned trend in women's clothes for men with a blurring of gender boundaries. According to him, the younger generation no longer adheres to strict rules when composing an image, so they are no longer ashamed to walk with accessories with which they feel most comfortable.

According to the material, designers Kim Jones and Virgil Abloh began to shape a new look at men's fashion in 2018. “If we were talking about men's brands ten years ago, we would immediately represent Armani, Zegna or Dunhill – brands that sell conservative things. Kim and Virgil have made men's clothing more fashionable, ”said Tao Liang, a Chinese fashion influencer.

Soon, other fashion designers drew attention to a new audience, in connection with which more and more models of bags for men began to appear in the assortment of various brands, along with women's models. For example, in 2019, Jones introduced the unisex saddle bag to consumers. “It seemed to me that men needed replacement backpacks,” he explained.

In addition, similar products have appeared in the lines of brands such as Johanna Parv, Steven Ma and Stefan Cooke, Hermes, Dior and Givenchy. “Men have always collected Hermes handbags as well as women. We are now seeing an increased interest in neutral colors, and men prefer smaller handbags, ”concluded Judy Taylor, founder of Madison Avenue Couture wardrobe resale.

Earlier in July the Czech designer invited men to wear corsets, which are traditionally the subject of women's wardrobe. Fashion designer Zdenek Lusk has designed a rigid V-shaped corset with plastic boning, which is tightened to fit with a satin ribbon.