In Ukraine, the Russian army was predicted to “flee” in case of war

Officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Nedzelsky stated about Ukraine's ability to turn the Russian army to flight

Reserve Colonel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Army “Flight” at the first sign of collision. He stated this on the air of the Apostrof TV channel, RIA Novosti reports.

According to him, if the Russian military receives a response from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they will “run away”. He also noted that Russia is allegedly waging a “war of conquest,” while Ukraine “defends its home.” “/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/1ff5862e8c5ee7b4a890b6dfe52101cb.jpg” /> Pyotr Nedzelsky Reserve Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Controversial statement

On November 26, the American magazine Forbes named the reason for Kiev's loss in a potential conflict with Moscow. The publication claims that most of the Ukrainian artillery is outdated and in need of repair. According to the publication, “on paper, the 145-thousandth army of Ukraine, consisting of volunteers and conscripts, has a powerful artillery arsenal of at least 1,800 cannons and multiple launch rocket systems,” which are incapable of firing.

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In addition to equipment, the Ukrainian army suffers from a lack of competent personnel, said military expert Anatoly Kravchuk. He explained that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hiring personnel on the principle of loyalty to the political course of the country's leadership. The expert added that this principle of selection works for higher positions, while in lower positions you need to have “loyalty to any commander”. “Our armed forces today, unfortunately, are too politicized,” the specialist noted.

Progress is still visible

Despite the general state of the Armed Forces, there are tendencies towards reform. In particular, Kiev previously discussed with Ankara the creation of a working group for unmanned aircraft in the Ukrainian army. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Valery Zaluzhny, pointed to the appearance of Bayraktar drones in the troops, which demonstrated their effectiveness, including during their use in the Donbass. According to him, now the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to increase the tactics and methodology of the combat use of drones.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the Ukrainian army, according to Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar, is in constant combat readiness. According to her, the troops “are ready to fight off not only a full-scale invasion, but also the capture of critical infrastructure.”

At the same time, rather strange statements about ways to defeat the Russian army appear periodically. In particular, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces should rely on the combat experience of the Nazis of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army ( UPA, banned in Russia ), who fought on the side of the Third Reich. He noted that “there is a missile for every tank or plane, or there are units that can act in a guerrilla way.” Klimkin believes that Kiev should use “people, their fighting spirit and creativity” against Russian tanks.

Earlier, the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich said that in the event of a full-scale war against Kiev, Russia will suffer huge military losses and will not be able to solve its political problems.

Empty talk or provocations?

On November 22, Bloomberg, citing sources in the intelligence services, said that US intelligence has information about Russia's alleged preparation of an attack on Ukraine in 2022. The interlocutors of the publication said that Moscow is preparing an attack from three sides: from the Crimea peninsula, from the Russian-Ukrainian border and from the territory of Belarus. Also, intelligence officers reported that they shared intelligence with their European colleagues.

Earlier, political scientist and State Duma deputy Oleg Matveychev said that the United States is waging a hybrid war against Russia. Its essence is to constantly accuse Moscow of aggression. This, on the one hand, will allow Washington to “push its foreheads against the Slavic brothers,” and on the other hand, it will keep the current allies under its wing and force them to buy more weapons from the United States.

Statements by Kiev, the United States and NATO representatives on the military threat and possible Russian invasion of Ukraine are provocations. This position of Moscow was voiced by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. “This is absolutely normal, from their point of view, the strategy of the collective West: to create tension by carrying out some provocative information and political actions in certain regions of the world. This should be treated like that, “the diplomat noted.



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