In France, assessed the likelihood of border closure due to a new strain

France does not plan to close borders within the European Union due to the omicron strain COVID for the spread of the omicron strain COVID-19. This was stated by the Secretary of State for EU Affairs at the French Foreign Ministry, Clement Bon, on the air of France Inter radio.

“We will wait to see how the situation will develop, but in Europe we have never completely closed borders, because this is our space for life, not only for tourism, but also for work, “the civil servant assessed the likelihood of introducing new international restrictions.

According to him, tools such as PCR tests, sanitary passes and vaccinations still help contain the spread COVID, including new strains of infection.

Today, due to the omicron strain, the borders of Israel and Japan have been closed for foreigners. The World Health Organization said that the omicron strain is highly likely to spread throughout the world.