Immunologist predicted “artificial pit” for coronavirus in Russia after the New Year

Immunologist Kryuchkov predicted an “artificial pit” for coronavirus on New Year's holidays

– for reducing the volume of PCR testing. An “artificial pit” for coronavirus in Russia in an interview with “” was predicted by an immunologist, Ph.D. Nikolay Kryuchkov.

During the New Year holidays, there will be an artificial decrease in the incidence (…). This is an unrealistic process – in reality, after the January holidays, an increase in the incidence may begin

Nikolai Kryuchkovimmunologist

According to him, a new outbreak of COVID-19 in Russia may also occur at the end of December. The immunologist called the improvement of the current epidemiological situation in the country “a shaky temporary balance”, because due to non-working days, the incidence can both decrease and increase.

“In any case, if the incidence curve goes down, then the most the likely scenario, from my point of view, is a very slow fall. It is unclear what levels we will reach at the bottom, but these levels will still be high, “the immunologist believes.

The specialist also commented on the neural network's forecast that the peak of the fourth wave of coronavirus will fall on December 22 with a probability of 93 percent. According to him, experts around the world are just learning to predict complex pandemics mathematically, so the accuracy of their predictions is not guaranteed.

Earlier, virologist Anatoly Altstein predicted that Russia would reach a high plateau in COVID-19. According to him, the situation with a large number of cases of COVID-19 will remain until the moment of universal vaccination.



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