A pelican that fell from the sky left a Russian village without light

In the Novosibirsk region, a seriously wounded pelican fell from the sky into the yard of one of the residents

from the inhabitants from the sky fell a pelican. He touched the power line and left the settlement without light. Sibkrai.ru informs about it.

Materials on the topic00: 02 – April 4, 2018 Found a switchmanPeople shoot and butcher animals in front of their eyes in children. They can get away with everything 20:37 – 13 February 2014 The tragedy of an extra animal that in mid-November a seriously wounded pelican literally fell from the sky into the courtyard of one of the village houses. Concerned about the state of the bird, people brought the Red Book pelican to the veterinary department of the Ubinsky district.

Doctors provided the animal with the necessary assistance, but the injuries turned out to be incompatible with life, and the pelican soon died.

According to the ornithologist, the bird could get injured while flying to warm regions. The villagers explain the incident in different ways: some believe that the hunters are to blame for the death of the bird. There are no denials or evidence of this version, no investigation is underway.

Earlier it was reported that in the US state of Virginia, a fish fell from the sky onto a car. Some have suggested that a bird might have dropped it.



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