A new outbreak of coronavirus detected on the border of Russia and China

A new outbreak of COVID-19 was detected in China, in the border area with Russia

On Sunday, November 28, in China new outbreak of coronavirus infection. 20 cases of infection in one day were detected in the Hulunbuir urban district of the northern autonomous region of the PRC Inner Mongolia, which is located on the border with Russia. This is reported by the State Health Committee of the People's Republic of China.

In Hulunbuir, there is a border crossing between China and Russia Manzhuria-Zabaikalsk, which plays the role of an important trade hub between the two countries. Now in the border area, strict quarantine measures are in force: residents are prohibited from leaving Hulunbuir, public transport, markets and entertainment facilities have been suspended, and public events have been restricted.

In total, 41 cases of COVID-19 infection were detected on November 28. The State Health Committee of the People's Republic of China said that 20 of them were imported from abroad. In addition to the 20 cases in Hulunbir, another was identified in the southwestern province of Yunnan. In total, during the pandemic, 98,672 cases of coronavirus infection and 4,636 deaths were registered in the country.

In early November, an outbreak of coronavirus was detected in the north and northeast of China, in the provinces of Gansu, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region … Then, according to the authorities, 93 new cases of infection were detected within the country.