The Russians were reminded of the increase in pensions on December 1

“MK”: three categories of Russians will automatically have their pensions indexed from December 1

Since December 1, three categories of Russians will be automatically indexed by the newspaper “MK” with reference to the data of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR).

Thus, the increase in payments is also due to citizens who turned 80 in November. Their pension will double – to 12,088.96 rubles.

12,088.96 rubles will be the pension of citizens who turned 80 in November

In addition, those pensioners who worked up to August 2021, but quit in the last month of the summer. From December 1, they will automatically receive an increase in their pension with an additional supplement for three months.

Russians who have applied for a recalculation can also apply for an increase in their pension. Pension supplements will be credited automatically.

Changes in the calculation of pensions

In addition, in Russia, from January 1, 2022, the procedure for the payment of pensions and control over their accrual will be changed. Such rules were previously approved by the Ministry of Labor.

In particular, they will be able to pay and deliver pensions earlier than this month in the territory where the emergency regime has been introduced, regardless of its nature – federal, interregional, regional, intermunicipal, municipal or local. To do this, Russians need to write a statement about the situation and submit it to the FIU.

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In addition, elderly Russians will have the right to choose how they want to receive payments. The new procedure makes it possible to withhold a certain amount from payments in the event that a citizen was charged a pension more than he was entitled to. Russians who received payments from non-state pension funds (NPF), which stopped working, will still accrue the funded part of their pension. To do this, you need to submit an application to the FIU.

Also, no deductions will be made from the pensions of Russian citizens declared bankrupt. In addition, the deceased's heirs will be able to receive the pension of the deceased, which he did not manage to receive during his lifetime. To do this, you will also have to apply to the Pension Fund.

Cancellation of the indexation of pensions

In November, the State Duma wanted to challenge in the Constitutional Court (CC) the abolition of the indexation of pensions. So, the faction “Fair Russia – For the Truth” intends to achieve clarification of the Constitutional Court's position on this issue, said the leader of the association Sergei Mironov. For a corresponding request to the Constitutional Court, it is necessary to collect 90 signatures of the State Duma deputies.

The question is acute, topical. I hope that colleagues from other factions will support us

Sergey MironovLeader of the Fair Russia – For Truth faction

According to Mironov, the amendments adopted in 2015 to freeze the indexation of pensions for working pensioners, which affected 7.3 million people, annually reduce the income of each pensioner by 11 thousand rubles. If the Constitutional Court agrees with the presented arguments, the deputies are obliged to lift the ban on indexing.



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