The doctor revealed the consequences of neglect of vaccination against COVID-19

Chief Physician Lysenko: disregard for vaccination “plunges deeper and deeper into COVID-19”

Chief Physician of Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. Maryana Lysenko revealed the consequences of refusal of part of the population from vaccination against coronavirus. She stated this on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel, RIA Novosti reports.

According to her, such disregard for the solution of this issue “plunges deeper and deeper into COVID-19.” The doctor also emphasized that there are currently no prospects for getting out of it. “When you hear, I will not be vaccinated, because I don’t want to, I have a thought: why should this particular person dictate the rules of the game to me?” – noted Lysenko.

Earlier, the chairman of the World Medical Association Frank Ulrich Montgomery “predicted” the annual vaccination against COVID-19. “Revaccination boosts the immune defense. But we don't yet know exactly how long it will last. Maybe we need to repeat it every year, ”said Montgomery. It has stood out for time-limited vaccination certificates that would become invalid if the person did not get the booster shot on time.



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