The doctor appreciated the meeting with well-known anti-vaccines in the red zone

The head physician of the City Clinical Hospital No. 15 Vechorko stated that there was no dialogue with anti-vaccination agents in the red zone Vechorko, whose red zone was invited to visit well-known opponents of vaccination against coronavirus, commented on the meeting. On the air of the YouTube channel “Soloviev Live”, he said that the attempt to dialogue with visitors had failed.

Lack of dialogue

Vechorko said that the meeting with the anti-vaccine was scheduled for November 27. Opponents of vaccination arrived at the hospital, where doctors showed them their work from the inside. The head physician of City Clinical Hospital No. 15 appreciated the meeting: in his opinion, there was simply no dialogue at it.

There is no dialogue, only negative. I realized that it was useless

Valery Vechorko Chief physician of the City Clinical Hospital # 15 Refusal of masks

The doctor explained that to visit the red zone, the visitors were asked to wear personal protective equipment, but most of those who came refused to comply with the sanitary and epidemiological rules. Vechorko noted the pretense and laughter in the behavior of the guests, as well as rudeness in front of one of the patients. At that moment, the doctor said that “we are closing this topic.”

There is no truth there, this is a provocation. They just scoffed

Valeriy VechorkoHead doctor of the City Clinical Hospital # 15

According to Vechorko, anti-vaccines suggested treating with COVID-19. He expressed the opinion that opponents of vaccination came to the red zone not for truth, but for glory.

Due to the refusal of visitors to put on masks, the “excursion” had to be completed ahead of schedule. Deputy head physician Oleg Averkov added that the anti-vaccines passed through the green zone without personal protective equipment. In addition, they did not have the results of a rapid test for the presence of coronavirus. Because of these factors, visitors posed a danger to hospital staff.

How it all began

On November 24, the chief doctors of Russia's covid hospitals invited well-known opponents of vaccination to visit the red zones of hospitals where patients with COVID-19 are treated. Among those invited are leaders of the Communist Party and Fair Russia parties Gennady Zyuganov and Sergei Mironov, State Duma Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy, political scientist Sergei Kurginyan, actress Maria Shukshina, singer Natalya Vetlitskaya, TV presenter Oscar Kuchera, musician Konstantin Kinchev, singer and composer Yuri Loza.

11 Russian physicians became the authors of a letter to anti-vaccinations

The doctors emphasized that they know the position of the addressees on vaccination against COVID-19, however, they announced their desire to conduct them “in the red zones, intensive care units and pathological departments of our hospitals.” The authors of the letter also expressed the hope that after such a “tour” the invitees will change their minds about vaccination and “fewer people will die.”

Reaction of the invitees

Actress Shukshina, in response to an open letter, invited doctors to visit “a green zone, where a healthy lifestyle, sanity, a healthy psyche, the absence of fear and the prevention of seasonal diseases are not empty words.” In addition, she urged them to appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a demand to end the “bacchanalia in the media and on all federal channels.” The actress's statement was supported by her colleague Beroev.

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Kuchera, in response to the call of doctors, emphasized that he is not an anti-vaccine, but he opposes compulsory vaccination. “I am struggling with only one thing – do not force anyone,” the actor said.

The musician Loza also responded to the letter, stressing that he “buried enough people” in his life, so a visit to the hospital would not surprise him. Kinchev recalled that he himself was treated for COVID-19 in the “red zone”. He expressed gratitude to the doctors for their help, but stressed that this would not affect his position on dividing people into “clean” and “not clean” and compulsory medical procedures.

Earlier Vechorko explained the open letter for anti-vaccination users. He expressed confidence that some of the opponents of vaccination may change their minds. According to the doctor, some people do not want to be vaccinated because they have not encountered the coronavirus and do not fully understand its danger.