South Africa named the most vulnerable to the new strain of COVID-19 people

Times of Israel: South African doctors worried about the rapid spread of the omicron strain among young people the rapid spread of the omicron strain of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus among young people, writes The Times of Israel.

Doctors call this group the most vulnerable – it is reported that young people infected with the new COVID-19 strain are admitted to hospitals 20-30 years old, mostly 65 percent unvaccinated.

Rudo Mativa, head of the intensive care unit of the Soweto settlement hospital on the southwestern outskirts of Johannesburg, said that if the incidence continues to grow, medical facilities could be overwhelmed … She recalled the case with the delta strain of coronavirus, due to which this had already happened.

Earlier, the director of the Research Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infections Georgy Vikulov predicted the timing of the emergence of a new omicron strain of coronavirus in Russia. He stressed that one flight with an infected person on board is enough for this.



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