Sobchak explained the “stoned” behavior of Bilan

TV presenter Sobchak explained the strange behavior of singer Bilan by his tiredness She shared her opinion on the Telegram channel.

She explained that the performer was very tired. She believes that he needs to be understood and “just humanly sympathize.” “A very talented artist. It is difficult to be a car 24/7, “she emphasized.

Earlier, the Kazakh blogger Birzhan Ashim published on his page a video of Bilan speaking drunk. He called the musician “stoned” and said that Bilan was drunk. The artist had difficulty talking with the audience and did not get to the beat of the melody. After the concert, the performer turned to the fans, asked their forgiveness and burst into tears. Bilan explained his behavior by the fact that before his appearance on the stage at the wedding he had not slept for three days and was very tired.



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