Security Council of Belarus announced a possible trial in absentia of the opposition

Volfovich: the power bloc of Belarus will not allow the situation to swing during the referendum … This is reported by TASS.

According to the Secretary of State of the Security Council Alexander Volfovich, for this it is proposed to amend the law in order to eliminate “omissions in the legislation.” “The principle of inevitability of criminal punishment for a crime was not fulfilled. A man committed a crime here, left and lives peacefully abroad, “- said Volfovich.

He also said that the power bloc of Belarus will not allow the” rocking of the situation “during the constitutional referendum and will take into account the lessons learned after the protests of 2020 of the year. He also noted that if the situation on the western border aggravates due to NATO actions, Minsk will count on Moscow.

Earlier it was reported that President Alexander Lukashenko named the goal of amending the Constitution and stressed that this must be done for the life of future generations. “The point is those who follow you and us — those young people who haven’t sniffed gunpowder yet. They believe that on the Internet potatoes, carrots, and bananas are all there, ”the president added.