Russian stars turned away from Khlebnikova, who needed donor blood

Musician Belov: celebrities preferred to “sympathize” with singer Khlebnikova in the TV show

Among those who donated blood for the singer Marina Khlebnikova, there is not a single artist friend of the performer, musician Alexander Belov on the air of the TV program “You Won't Believe!” on NTV.

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When the artist was hospitalized after the fire, the surgeon explained that the best help for Khlebnikova is to donate blood for her. “But no one went, did not know how to donate blood, how to help a person. I am amazed at this, “Belov specified.

The musician added that instead of real help, Russian stars turned their backs on those in need of donor blood, celebrities preferred to” sympathize “on the air of TV shows, social networks.

< p> He was surprised at the publications that talk about the alcohol found in Khlebnikova's blood. Despite the fact that the singer's condition is still grave, now she is periodically disconnected from artificial lung ventilation “in test mode.” Moscow. The star was carried out of the house unconscious. Later it became known that the singer came to her senses after a coma. As the doctor specified, the burns to the face, which the singer received, will greatly change her appearance.