Russian senator announced US intentions to inflict political defeat on Moscow

Senator Pushkov: The United States is aggravating the situation around Ukraine to increase pressure on Russia escalate the situation around Ukraine “out of stupidity” and because they misjudge the intentions of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow's plans. He noted in his Telegram channel that Washington has completely different motives.

According to the senator, the United States wants to force Russia to retreat from Donbass, and then Crimea, and inflict a tangible political defeat on it, as well as under the pretext protect Ukraine to ensure its military presence in the Black Sea and on the territory of the country.

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“So we are not talking about stupidity, but about the military-political strategy of the United States, aimed at increasing pressure on Russia, its further distance from Europe and the actual inclusion of Ukraine in NATO and the system of US military alliances. The thesis about the “stupidity” of the United States contradicts the history of all recent American aggression, “Pushkov stressed.

As an example, he cited Iraq, which Washington accused of having weapons of mass destruction in order to start a war. And they tried to overthrow the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad not “out of stupidity”, but to replace him with a manageable figure, the senator added.

Pushkov explained that the motives of the US propaganda campaigns lie not in a poor understanding of the situation, they have quite clear goals. “Like its strategic bombers, the United States does not send its strategic bombers to Russia’s borders out of stupidity, but as an unambiguous demonstration of force,” he concluded.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov called the United States' approach unilateral, since Washington discusses with Moscow only issues in the sphere of his interests. According to him, America's attitude has not changed, and Russia is still regarded as an adversary.



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