Rubin's footballer broke his leg in the RPL match with Dynamo

Rubin's player Kostyukov suffered a broken leg in the RPL round 16 match against Dynamo

Rubin's midfielder Mikhail Kostyukov suffered a broken leg in a home match of the 16th round of the Russian Premier League (RPL) against Dynamo Moscow. This was stated by the head coach of Kazan citizens Leonid Slutsky, whose words are reported by TASS.

The specialist emphasized that the player had already taken a picture, now it is being investigated whether the connective tissue between the bones is damaged. The terms of recovery will depend on this, according to the coach. “Sport does not add health to anyone, it is a well-known fact,” Slutsky added.

Kostyukov was seriously injured at the end of the first half. Alexander Zuev entered the field for the second half of the game instead of him.

The meeting took place earlier on Sunday, November 28. The game ended with the score 3: 2 in favor of the Muscovites.



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