Poroshenko demanded weapons from American generals to fight Russia

Former President of Ukraine Poroshenko: American Weapons Will Stop Russian Aggression weapons to fight Russia. He expressed his opinion on the air of the Pryamoy TV channel.

Poroshenko believes that American weapons will help Ukraine stop “Russian aggression.” He said that he had already made this request to a number of American generals, but did not name their names.

He noted that Kiev should receive from the United States “starting from counter-battery stations to increase the effectiveness of Ukrainian artillery operations and finishing electronic warfare stations; starting from Patriot anti-aircraft missiles – and ending with modern lethal defensive weapons, which the Ukrainian armed forces need ”. The politician believes that this will “raise the price of aggression” against Kiev.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov announced an increase in the supply of American weapons to Ukraine. According to him, their line is constantly expanding. Antonov added that Washington is declaring these weapons as defensive. In addition, he accused the United States of aggravating the situation in Ukraine and stressed that the actions of the American side are unacceptable for Moscow. He also added that Russia's opposition in the American political course is alarming and makes the United States suspect of deviating from the agreements.