Opponent of vaccination spoke about visiting the red zone in Moscow

Opponent of vaccination about the state of patients in the red zone of the City Clinical Hospital # 15: everyone looks good

zone in the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 15. URA.RU quotes her words after visiting the institution.

She stated that all the patients looked good: the men were shaved, and the women had good hairstyles and normal manicure.

According to her, none of the patients coughed, and they had bruises that appear from lying in one position for a long time. Opponents of vaccination felt that they were shown not real patients, but “hired extras” of professional actors. She also said that half of the wards in the hospital are empty, and most of the patients “do not suffer.” In addition, everyone in the hospital allegedly told her that they had not been vaccinated and regretted it very much.

Earlier, the head physician of City Clinical Hospital No. 15 Valery Vechorko said that due to the behavior of opponents of vaccination, the tour of the department had been completed ahead of schedule. He tried to explain the need to use personal protective equipment, but anti-militaries began to interrupt him and express their dissatisfaction.

On November 24, the chief doctors of large covid hospitals in Russia were invited on an “excursion” to the red zones of hospitals where patients with COVID-19 lie , well-known anti-vaccines. These are the leaders of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and “Fair Russia” Gennady Zyuganov and Sergei Mironov, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, political scientist Sergei Kurginyan, actress Maria Shukshina, singer Natalya Vetlitskaya, TV presenter Oscar Kuchera, musician Konstantin Kinchev, singer and composer Yuri Loza.