Hairdresser named three hair-damaging products

TikTok bloggers advised to stop using hair dyes from supermarkets

A hairdresser from the US named three hair-destroying products and surprised web users. The video posted on TikTok was noticed in The Sun.

A network user with the nickname stephagram explained that you should not use the popular Dyson brand hairdryer to dry your hair. According to her, it is unreasonably expensive and at the same time dries out the strands. The master assured that she used tools that were half the price, which did the job better than Dyson.

In addition, the hairdresser advised to stop using hair dyes from supermarkets, as they spoil the quality of the hair. She also urged not to use Monat Global brand cosmetics. The blogger noted that the actual composition of their products is very different from that stated on the packaging, which can lead to hair loss and other unexpected body reactions.

Netizens thanked the heroine of the material for her advice. “I have tried Monat products once and will never use them again! My hair started to fall out like crazy and got a strange texture “,” I became bald because of Monat “,” Thank you very much! I would never have known this if it weren't for you. ”“ Dyson is really expensive, ”“ I burned all my hair with supermarket dye. Thank you for talking about this out loud, “they wrote.

Earlier in November, the blogger named the main mistake when combing her hair. Audrey Victoria explained that most girls do not hold the comb incorrectly when combing the strands. She emphasized that many place her in a horizontal position. According to her, this injures the hair and leads to hair loss. Instead, she recommended holding the comb upright.



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