Datsik gave advice to Alexander Emelianenko

Russian MMA fighter Vyacheslav Datsik commented on the defeat of Alexander Emelianenko tournament AMC Fight Nights 106. The video is available on the YouTube channel True Gym.

The 44-year-old athlete noted that Emelianenko was clearly experiencing difficulties in preparing for the fight. According to Datsik, the 40-year-old heavyweight was overcoming the consequences of a long binge, which affected his performance against Marcio Santos.

Datsik also admitted that he did not see Emelianenko in MMA. He advised his compatriot to act according to the rules of boxing in order to avoid parterre. Datsik also said that he was ready for a duel against Emelianenko.

Alexander Emelianenko lost in the main fight to AMC Fight Nights 106 in the absolute weight category. He turned out to be 11 kilograms heavier than his Brazilian opponent, and lost by surrendering.

Datsik gained popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In his first official fight, he knocked out the future Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Andrei Orlovsky. Recently, Datsik has been focusing on pop MMA performances and boxing or kickboxing fights. The fighter has repeatedly had problems with the law, has been tried, served a sentence.



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