Canadian official turned out to be a fake aborigine and lost her job

Canadian professor pretended to be an indigenous mestizo, was exposed and lost her job a professor at an institute doing relevant research turned out to be a fake Aboriginal. Soon after her real origin, which she lied about, was revealed, she lost her job, writes The New York Post.

Bourassa claimed to belong to a special ethnic group – Canadian mestizo. However, an analysis of her family history revealed that she is a descendant of immigrants from Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic. The truth about her ancestors angered her colleagues, especially the mestizo.

“When some impostor speaks on behalf of the mestizo and other indigenous peoples, he tells what it means to be mestizo (…) it is very unpleasant, outrageous and harmful, ”said Janet Smiley, a mestizo spokeswoman.

In 2016, a black activist from Keene University, New Jersey, was sentenced to 90 days in the United States for sending racist threats on Twitter, allegedly from white supremacists.



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