Bride rescheduled wedding for college exam

In India, the bride changed the wedding time to pass the exam to take the college exam. Reported by Indian Express.

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An Indian woman named Shivangi Bagtharia told , who is receiving a bachelor's degree in social worker, and is now in the college exam session. One of the exams fell on her wedding day. The schedule was announced after the couple had chosen a wedding day, and therefore had to postpone the celebration to a later time.

Bagtharia came to the exam in a wedding dress, and the groom was waiting for her in the corridor. Immediately from college, the couple went to a holiday, where relatives and friends were waiting for her. Family girls supported her decision not to sacrifice her studies for the sake of the wedding and calmly agreed to wait.

The news about the Indian woman inspired other girls to follow their dreams and not deprive themselves of opportunities and prospects for the sake of marriage.

Earlier it was reported that in India the bride canceled the wedding due to the fact that the groom did not know the multiplication table. The families agreed to return gifts and jewelry to each other, made on the eve of the wedding.



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