Anti-vaccines Shukshin and Loza explained the skipping of the excursion to the red zone

Doctors took their shift on the weekend for the sake of Shukshina and Loza, who missed the excursion to the red zone an excursion to the red zone of the Botkin Hospital in St. Petersburg, to which they were invited by doctors to prove the importance of vaccination against COVID-19. Reported by Znak.

According to the head physician of the hospital, Denis Gusev, the excursion for anti-vaccine patients was scheduled for Saturday, November 27. Loza confirmed his visit the day before, but he never made it to the hospital. Doctors came out on a weekend shift especially for the musician and waited for him for almost an hour. They could not get through to Loza, the man did not pick up the phone.

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Loza said that he was not going to come to the hospital and accused Gusev of lying. As the musician said, he does not understand why he should go to the sick. “To make me shitty? So that I can see for myself how bad it is to be sick? There is a nosocomial infection in the hospital. Nobody canceled this, any doctor will tell you, “he noted.

Shukshina was also among those invited to the excursion. According to the actress, she did not go to the hospital because she could not get through to the head physician. “I ask Mr. Gusev to publicly give an official explanation of this situation or to apologize for publishing fake information about the proposal to visit the red zone,” she wrote on her Telegram channel.

Gusev suggested that Shukshina applied to the reception anonymously.

Earlier it was reported that the opponent of vaccination spoke about the condition of the patients after a tour of the red zone in the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 15. She stated that all the patients looked good: the men were shaved and the women had good hair and normal manicure.



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