An unexpected secret of health and youth was named

American biologist Lee: malnutrition protects the body from disease and aging to a group of scientists.

As explained by the American biologist Mitchell B. Lee from the University of Washington, we are talking about the fundamental biological mechanism of regulation of the aging process. Lee studied ketogenic, low-protein and fasting diets, intermittent fasting, and time-limited meals. An unexpected secret to health and youth was named.

Lee noted that intermittent fasting has been tested on animals and has shown promising results.

The diet that mimics fasting has been the most prolonged diet for rats during the experiments. Scientists believe that during fasting there is an inhibition of the mTOR protein. The study found that fasting, low-carb diets and intermittent fasting can lead to longer, healthier lives.

Scientists have yet to study the link between fasting and age-related changes, Lee said. scientists have called nutrition, mental health and exercise the secrets of longevity.