103-year-old classmate of the legendary jazzman revealed the secret of longevity

103-year-old US resident called good memories the secret of her longevity , shared her memories of life and revealed the secret of her longevity. This is reported by The Christian Science Monitor.

Martha Mae Dorsey Bowles celebrated her birthday surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1918. The woman named good memories, a positive attitude towards life and gratitude to fate for the past years – the main secrets of her longevity. “When I can't sleep, I start to remember all the good things that happened in my life, I fall asleep and have wonderful dreams,” the American said.

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One of the most vivid childhood memories of 103-year-old Bowles is a school evening during which her classmate Nathaniel Adams Cole played the piano. Later, he would become famous all over the world as a jazz singer and pianist under the name Nat King Cole.

Bowles said that since childhood she loved to read and study, and even in old age she does not leave her favorite activities. Although the woman already sees poorly, she constantly listens to audiobooks and documentaries. “Today I can sit down at the computer and learn about anything,” said the long-liver.

Speaking of positive thinking, Bowles added that she tries to dwell on troubles. “There are disappointments in life, but I just put them aside. Mom said: “Love will heal everything.” It helps me a lot to move forward. I am very grateful for this lesson, “she summed up her story.

Earlier it was reported that a 105-year-old travel lover from the United States revealed the secret of her longevity. Anne McClain thinks she lived so long because she never stuck in front of the TV and was always doing something.



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