Zelensky responds to petition to ban Russians from entering Ukraine

President of Ukraine Zelensky ignored the demand to close the borders for Russian citizens

Russian citizens should not wait for new restrictions on entering Ukraine yet. Such conclusions can be drawn from the response of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the demand to close the borders of Ukraine for Russians. The document was published on the president's website.

A petition proposing to completely ban the entry of Russian citizens into Ukraine was initiated by a Ukrainian politician, head of the Odessa cell of the Right Sector (Right Sector organization, recognized as an extremist organization, banned in Russia ) Sergei Sternenko. On November 11, it became known that the petition received the necessary 25 thousand votes for its consideration by the President of Ukraine.

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However, Zelensky ignored Sternenko's demands. “The introduction of additional changes in the regime of travel of citizens between Ukraine and the Russian Federation requires a thorough study and analysis of all possible development scenarios, in particular, from the point of view of security aspects and possible social consequences of innovations,” the president declined to answer.

Zelensky added that he had sent a petition for study to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal and Chairman of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov.

Earlier in Ukraine, the Opposition Platform – For Life party announced the gap between Zelensky's actions and the interests of the Ukrainian people. Oppositionists complained about the president that they did not hear from him intelligible answers to the challenges facing the country.



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