The State Duma proposed to give the Russians additional days off for revaccination

Deputy Tumusov proposed to provide Russians with additional days off for revaccination but also for revaccination against coronavirus infection. He will voice this idea in an interview with Sputnik radio.

The parliamentarian recalled that now employers in Russia are advised to give employees two days off to get vaccinated against COVID-19 – one day for each component of the vaccine. However, according to Tususov, this is not enough.

I am a proponent of not coercing vaccinations by violent methods, I am in favor of stimulating. I think that giving days off is kind of a bonus, an encouragement to those who get vaccinated. The same with revaccination

Fedot TumusovDeputat of the State DumaAccording to the deputy, the benefit for employers in providing additional days off for employees is that if an employee falls ill with COVID-19, “he will be out of order for a while,” which will hit the economy of the enterprise.

Tumusov added that reducing the risk of contracting coronavirus, as well as reducing the risk of hospitalization due to the severe course of this disease, is possible only with the help of vaccinations and subsequent revaccinations.

Two days off

At the end of October, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a document in which he instructed to provide two paid days off to Russians vaccinated against COVID-19. This order was given by the head of state following a meeting with members of the government. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova made a corresponding proposal.

The Deputy Prime Minister's proposal was supported by trade unions, employers and the Russian government. Members of the Russian Trilateral Commission (RTK) for the regulation of social and labor relations recommended employers to provide additional days of rest after vaccination in collective agreements or local regulations.

The law of the regions

On October 26, the head of the social committee of the Federation Council, Inna Svyatenko, said that the Russian regions can make decisions on their own whether to provide citizens with two days off for vaccination. whether he is sick. ” Moreover, according to the employment contract, he can work remotely these days.

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In September, Maxim Petunin, director of the Institute for Social Research and Civil Initiatives Development (ISIRGI), proposed obliging companies to give workers three days off after vaccinations with pay.

The institute was asked to amend the labor legislation accordingly. Experts did not rule out that the situation in which mass vaccination would be required could repeat itself in the future.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on this initiative. He stated that the Kremlin does not interfere in this discussion, since this is the prerogative of the relevant specialists.

Collective immunity

As of Friday, November 26, the level of herd immunity in Russia is 51.8 percent. Over the entire time of the pandemic in the country, vaccination with the first component of the drug against coronavirus was carried out 69 468 166 times, vaccination of the full cycle – 60 795 702 times.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova emphasized that achieving collective immunity to coronavirus remains the main task .

At the same time, the situation with COVID-19 in the country is still difficult. According to the operational headquarters, over the past week, the situation with the coronavirus has worsened in 13 regions. Over the past day, 34,690 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Russia. Thus, the total number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic in the country amounted to 9,502,879.

34,690 cases of COVID-19 were detected in Russia per day according to the headquarters

Most of the new cases of coronavirus were detected in Moscow (3929), Moscow region ( 1812) and St. Petersburg (1704). Least of all – in the Republic of Kalmykia (25 cases), Nenets Autonomous Okrug (14 cases), Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (9 cases).



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