South Africa to share new coronavirus strain with other countries

Doctors from South Africa are ready to provide samples of the omicron strain to other countries The omicron option will be given to biosafety agencies and departments in other countries, said Tulio de Oliveira, director of the South African Center for Innovation and Epidemic Response. His words are reported by RIA Novosti.

“We have always worked very closely with all the major security agencies in the world so that the key questions could be answered as quickly as possible,” de Oliveira said.

< p> The omicron strain COVID-19 doctors from South Africa are ready to provide as quickly as they did with the beta strain last time, the director said. According to him, requests for samples of this variant of the virus have already been received from the UK and the US.

At the same time, de Oliveira stressed that the sample of the virus is sent to government departments, and not to private companies. The latter will be able to obtain it from national biosafety organizations.

Previously, the virologist of the Center. N.F. Gamalei Anatoly Altstein predicted the time of emergence of a new omicron-strain in Russia. In his opinion, the option will appear in Russia in the coming months, but the high incidence makes the spread pattern unpredictable. “But if it turns out to be as epidemic as the delta strain, no authorities will be able to keep track of it,” Altstein said.