Italian biologists publish the first image of the omicron strain

Italian doctors presented the first image of the omicron strain of COVID-19 with 32 mutations

“Omicron”, Sky TG24 reports.

The picture was taken at Medicina Multimodale di Laboratorio by a group of scientists led by Carlo Federico Perno, under the direct supervision of Claudia Alteri and in collaboration with Milan State University.

As noted by biologists, the figure shows many mutations. On Saturday, November 27, a person infected with a new species of COVID-19 was identified in Germany. Presumably, a citizen of Germany, who recently returned from a trip to South Africa, was infected with the African strain. On November 26, the omicron was detected in Belgium.

Virologist Georgy Vikulov predicted that the strain may appear in Russia soon. According to him, it spreads faster than the “delta” and has additional mutations.

A new type of coronavirus B.1.1.529, which contains 32 mutations in the S-protein, was first recorded in Botswana and South Africa.