In the US, frightened of Germany's discontent with the “Nord Stream-2”

The Hill: US Secretary of State Blinken will lift sanctions for certification of Nord Stream 2 to the draft of the country's defense budget for the next financial year, which began on October 1. The initiative involves the introduction of sanctions against companies participating in the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, writes The Hill.

The administration of US President Joe Biden expressed concerns about tougher action on the project, as it was afraid to cause discontent in Germany, which is “an important European ally in the fight against climate change and to limit China's growing influence in the world.” Therefore, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken decided to lift sanctions for the certification of Nord Stream 2.

Blinken called on Democratic senators to block the amendments presented by their counterparts Jim Riche (of Idaho), senior Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee , and Ted Cruise (R-Texas) to impose sanctions on the pipeline. However, according to the publication, Risch and Cruz will “seek a vote.” – explains The Hill.

Earlier, Germany announced the possibility of launching Nord Stream 2 without certification. Similar situations have already happened: in particular, we are talking about German projects NEL and EGL 401.