Gunzburg spoke about the vaccination of children with a nasal drug

Gunzburg: children after vaccination with a nasal drug had no negative effects from coronavirus infection with a nasal drug. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

According to him, there were no negative consequences. He also noted that he used the drug himself.

‚ÄúNaturally, I was vaccinated. Not only me. The small children of our employees, including six years old, were vaccinated, and they did not have any negative consequences. The little children of my neighbors also took root. All normal people want to protect their children, “he stressed.

Earlier it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin tested a nasal vaccine against coronavirus. He underwent the procedure the day after re-vaccination with Sputnik Light.

In October, the Ministry of Health of Russia allowed the Gamaleya Center to conduct the second phase of clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine in the form of a nasal spray. According to the head of the institution, the drug will complement the usual vaccine, creating another barrier to the virus.



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