Three main challenges for the Russian economy are identified

VTB Deputy Chairman called the climatic challenge the main one for the Russian economy , but the country needs to respond to three main challenges, said in a column for RBC the first deputy president and chairman of the VTB board, Yuri Solovyov.

The first opportunity lies in the climatic area, he is sure. “Today [it is necessary] to correctly use this growing wave of climatic and technological transformation for the benefit of citizens, business and the state as a whole,” Solovyov believes. The market for voluntary carbon credits could be $ 300 billion by 2030 and a trillion dollars by 2050. Russia has a chance to become a noticeable player in this market, added the deputy chairman of VTB.

He also named the second challenge, which lies in the area of ​​the raw materials and energy market. The green transition gives Russia an opportunity to conquer new niches in the global economy, Soloviev emphasized. Positioning the country as a hub for the production of environmental goods could attract new technologies and create high-tech jobs, he said.

The third area is digital transformation. A green transition can free up significant volumes of the workforce. Soloviev took the example of a modern Russian gas turbine, which requires 20-30 times less personnel to maintain than the previous technology.

Earlier, the government approved a strategy for Russia's socio-economic development while reducing greenhouse gas emissions until 2050.



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