The network has listed ways to guaranteed to ruin the first date

The increased interest in the phone on a date on the network was called the worst mistake first date and make sure that the second meeting does not take place. The worst mistakes they named were in the “Ask a man” thread, in which women try to find out the opinion of the opposite sex about the issues of interest to them.

The most popular comment was a netizen comment that a girl should not spend the entire date. digging into your phone and showing increased interest in the gadget. Under it, many users have shared stories of failed dates. “On Valentine's Day, I went on a date with a woman at a barbecue bar (which she wanted to go to) and she never took her eyes off her phone screen! When I casually asked if everything was all right, she replied that all this time she was just texting with her ex-husband, ”one of them described the situation.

Another user shared his story of his date:“ She deceived me and brought her child to a date, without even warning about it in advance, even in the message. ”

Among other mistakes women, which Reddit users encountered in practice during dating, were checking messages on Tinder, constant conversations about their former lovers, as well as calls from husbands and boyfriends. At the same time, in response to such calls, women began to lie that they were shopping or doing business.

Earlier, another Reddit user shared a story about how she lost 15 kilograms for the wedding of her friend, who a few months earlier called it complete. At the celebration, where the heroine of the story was a bridesmaid, she surprised all the guests with her transformation.