The difference between the dress in the photo on the network and reality caused bewilderment among the customer

The outfit bought on the Internet caused a laugh from the customer due to the difference between the photo and reality due to the difference between the product declared in the photo on the network and reality. A related video on TikTok was highlighted in the Daily Star.

Social media user Chloe told a story about her unsuccessful shopping experience on the site of the popular PrettyLittleThing brand. So, the girl ordered a purple satin corset dress from a premium collection. Its cost, according to the heroine of the material, is 98 pounds sterling (9,835 rubles).

The woman filmed herself while trying on the received item: it is clear that the upper part of the dress fits snugly to her body, while the lower one turned out to be great. In addition, due to low-quality and wrinkled material, the image looks sloppy. “I ordered this from the ridiculously expensive PLT Premium line. The quality is clearly not better here, and the label even says that the color may fade. I don’t understand why I gave 98 pounds, ”said Chloe in the video footage.

The publication went viral and received 216 thousand views and more than 32 thousand likes. Netizens began to criticize the brand in the comments. “Sis, apply for a refund, this outfit is definitely not worth the money”, “I think the skirt looks a little cheap”, “£ 98? This stuff looks cheap, what nonsense. ”“ PLT has never been of good quality, ”they wrote.

In September, London-based blogger Chessie King showed off a dress she bought online and made subscribers laugh. In the footage posted online, she showed off her new outfit: a green midi-length dress with a high slit at the thigh and cutouts that completely expose the girl's breasts. In the description for the post, the customer explained that the thing she tried on in the photo was not actually a dress, but a skirt.