The blogger with a baby face turned out to be an adult girl with 7 breast sizes

Bethany Jade explained that in reality she was already 21 years old A related video appeared on TikTok.

Blogger Betahany Jade explained that many subscribers consider her a 12-year-old girl because of her childish facial features, but in reality she is already 21 years old. The heroine of the material added that most often she wears baggy clothes, because of which her figure is not visible. According to the girl, she actually has the seventh breast size, which she showed in another video.

The video went viral with 27.6 million views and 2.9 million likes. Fans were surprised by Jade's real age and breast size. “You really look very young. I would give you 14 or 15 years, but it turned out that you have 7 breast size “,” You look 13 “,” You hide your figure very well. The first time you can't tell what she really is ”,“ Don't judge a book by its cover ”,“ I'm shocked, ”they wrote.

In July, other bloggers with a young appearance revealed their age and surprised the subscribers. So, the user Amatul said that people give her no more than 17 years. After that, she admitted that in fact she was 42 years old. Acrobat Anna Mcnulty, in turn, assured that strangers consider her a 14-year-old child, while she recently turned 41.



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