Russians were given tips for safe road travel in winter

The Russians were advised to carefully prepare before the winter road trip

Russian tourists were given advice on planning safe road trips around the country in winter. Igor Morzharetto, partner of the analytical agency “Autostat”, spoke about the preparation of the car before leaving, TASS reports.

“Of course, I am in favor of road travel, but in winter conditions such a trip across Russia is not an easy task. Short daylight hours, slippery roads, poor visibility, blizzards and snowstorms, low temperatures – each season has its own specifics, all this requires caution and preparation, “the expert said and noted that every winter he encounters people who were seriously injured during long trips around the country. However, there is often only one reason – neglect of preparation.

According to him, before any trip by car, it is necessary to carefully study the route of the trip: to find out about the state of the highway, traffic intensity, the location of gas stations, cafes, places for rest and lodging. At the same time, the travel schedule should be designed so that the most difficult sections pass during daylight hours.

In addition, do not neglect a paper card and a spare SIM card with free roaming and Internet for working with cartography in the navigator. You should also study the weather forecast in advance and find the phone numbers of local emergency services and road organizations.

As for the preparation of the vehicle, the specialist recommends carefully checking the technical condition of the vehicle: the level of liquids, oils, tire pressure, the condition of tires and headlights. It is recommended to take with you a snow brush, an ice scraper, a sapper shovel, a flashlight, a first aid kit, warm gloves, an emergency sign, a bright yellow vest with reflectors and a spare fuel canister.

In case of a possible breakdown of Morjaretto's car advises to have on a trip the simplest set of tools and spare parts that the driver is able to change on his own, as well as warm clothes and a supply of food.

stay in the nearest safe place: near a house, a gas station or just in an area that is not covered by snow, “he summed up.

Earlier in November, experts from the tourism industry reminded Russian travelers planning trips to the mountains about the danger of this type of tourism. Before the start of the ski season, the prosecutor's office began checking places of extreme recreation throughout Russia in order to identify and prevent violations of security measures.