Deprived of parliamentary immunity, Rashkin called the situation “punishment”

Rashkin: deprivation of parliamentary immunity – direct punishment for disagreeing with the elections He called the incident a “direct reprisal” during a conversation with the “Interlocutor.” It's not about illegal hunting, he said. In the State Duma, 341 people voted in favor of depriving Rashkin of immunity, 55 against, and 2 abstained.

Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov accused Rashkin of lying in the case of the murder of an elk in the Saratov region. “I will not dwell on the circumstances of Rashkin's detention and his clumsy attempts to mislead law enforcement officers,” he said.

In October, a policeman and an employee of the hunting committee stopped the car in which the deputy was in the Saratov region. They found a dead moose in his trunk. Later, Rashkin confessed to killing the animal.

In September, Rashkin announced his refusal to recognize the results of municipal elections a week before voting day. He also called on colleagues who agree with him to act.



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