British ambassador to Kiev denied media reports on missile delivery to Ukraine

British Ambassador to Ukraine Simmons: reports on the delivery of missiles by London to Kiev are erroneous missiles to Ukraine, calling them erroneous. According to her, the agreement concluded between the countries only envisages building up the potential of the Ukrainian naval forces, and not the sale of weapons. The diplomat said this in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Segodnya.

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According to the ambassador, the agreement between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is aimed at the development of naval ships and port infrastructure. “For the first time, naval ships will be equipped with defensive weapons,” she stressed.

“The two missiles that The Times wrote about, I think, appeared in the article by mistake. Because the agreement is only about building up the defense potential of the Navy, “Simmons said.

In October, The Times reported that the UK and Ukraine are negotiating the supply of lethal weapons. We are talking about Brimstone missiles, suitable for installation on warships, as well as other missiles – for military aircraft and surface-to-surface class.

Also the British tabloid The Sun on November 18 revealed that a new treaty signed By the head of the British Department of Defense Ben Wallace, provides for the supply of two mine action vessels, the joint production of eight missile ships, as well as the delivery and modernization of weapons systems on existing vessels.



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