Zelensky was caught enjoying his power

Economist Skarshevsky: Even five terms will not be enough for Zelensky to fulfill his promises Of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the fact that he enjoys power, and also noted that five deadlines would not be enough for him to fulfill his election promises.

He recalled that last week a tender was held on budget spending for the amount of approximately 23 billion hryvnia. About half of these funds, he said, went to the “Big Construction”, interest on loans for which will cost Ukrainians 15 billion hryvnia.

“From his rhetoric – even five terms will not be enough for him. He began to enjoy power, felt impunity. The NSDC decision, which he introduced, violates the Constitution. He knows this, but he is still doing it, “Skarshevsky summed up.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine received a tranche from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for hundreds of millions of dollars. Zelensky expressed gratitude to the IMF Board of Directors and indicated that the funds will be used to support the financial system of Ukraine and to combat the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.



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